Monday, October 17, 2011

Where is fuel filter located on 1995 toyata camry?

The fuel filter is located on drivers side forward of brake booster and slightly below hood line.Look for a fuel line on top and one on the bottom
There's no real way to "check" it. Just replace it. However, it can be a bear and require special tools such as a "line" wrench, or "crows foot".
The way it attaches from the main fuel line to the filter is the bear part.

Filter is below the air cleaner, just to it's rear - between it and the master cylinder. You may have to remove the air cleaner and evaporator canister for access.Disconnect the fuel pump connector under the cover under the rear seat. Start the engine and let it run until it dies. Turn off ignition switch.
Disconnect the negative battery terminal. With a drip pan under the filter, slowly loosen the upper union bolt and lower fitting - stopper the lower fitting with a plug if available. Remove bracket bolts from the fender and take everything out.
Replace the filter with two new gaskets on the banjo fitting. Tighten union bolt on banjo fitting by hand first. Then torque the bolt to 21 ft lbs. Tighten the flare nut by hand then torque to 21 ft lbs. Do not rotate the fuel line when tightening the flare nut. Tighten the bracket back to the fender. Flange end (inlet) is down and outlet pipe up.
See the diagram below for fuel pump  filter:---


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