Wednesday, November 2, 2011

1990 Am General M998 Seat Belts Recall ?

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1990 Am General M998 Seat Belts Recall 91V030000

NHTSA:    Action Number: N/A    Service Bulletin Number: 91V030000
  • Report Date:
    Feb 19, 1991
  • Component:
    Seat Belts
  • Potential Units Affected:
  • Manufacturer:
    Am General Corporation

Summary: Automatic shoulder belt retraction mechanism does not fully retract the belt after it is extended, either by movement of the upper torso or after removal by occupant.

Consequence: Seat belt shoulder harness would not provide adequateprotection to occupant in a vehicle crash.

Remedy: Replace the washer between the shoulder bolt and upper mounting bracket with smaller washer; this will allow retractor to operate.

Notes: System: seat belts shoulder harness. Description of vehicle: military vehicle; "hummer".


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