Tuesday, November 15, 2011

All Brake Lights Not Working?

For all brake lights not working 
First check the fuse: --  The fuse protects the brake light circuit from ampere overload. When fuse fails it won't permit electrical current to flow to the brake lights. Result is no brake lights. So first inspect the fuse. First locate the brake light system fuse in the fuse panel .The fuse panel is either under the dash or under the hood in the power distribution box. Power distribution box is under the hood. To test the fuse Connect the check light to a ground like an engine or dash bracket & turn the ignition key to the "on" position. Using the check light probe both sides of the fuse. If the check light illuminates on both sides the fuse is all right. If side of the fuse illuminates the fuse has failed & needs to get replaced. 

In some cases you notice, that fuse blows as soon as it is replaced, In the event you notice such issue, then in your case electrical circuit is shorted to ground. In that case brake light wiring from brake light switch to brake light bulb holder needs to be inspected & tested by check light.

Another Possibility is Brake light Bulbs. If fuse is checked ok, then inspect brake light bulbs. These bulbs get shorted. After the bulb has been removed inspect the filament & replace if failed.

People only tend to notice something when they run in to the back of your automobile to help persuade them to tell you the brake lights are not working. I do know what you are thinking; you might say all brake lights getting defective without delay? If all brake light bulbs fail no brake light operation will occur. The brake light bulbs generate the brake light illumination affect. But in point of fact brake light went out at a time & you did not notice. Remove any of the brake light bulbs to confirm the bulb is all right or burned.

If the brake light bulbs are checked ok, then its quite possible that brake light switch is the issue, causing this problems. To test the brake light switch.
Use a test light that is grounded and with the ignition key in the "on" position check for power at side (wire) of the switch, then press the brake pedal while testing the opposite side (wire).Basic switches have two wires, power in and power out .That is to the turn signal switch. If no power is detected through the switch the brake light switch has failed and replacement is necessary.

It ought to illuminate the test light, if electrical power is connected through the switch .So if test light comes on, then switch is good.

But basically, if brake lights are not working then, mostly the problem is either out of this.
Faulty brake light fuse, or brake light bulbs or problem with brake light switch. But if all checked ok, then its problem with wiring.
On some car models ( not all).There is brake light module, in that cases inspect brake light module, if all the above possibilities checked ok, this brake light module is located near the rear seat on the driver's side. Basically this module is mostly noticed in Japanese/European manufactured model cars.

Like brake light control module. There is one more module. This module is called Body control Module. Brake light module, controls only brake light functions, but Body control module controls all electrical lighting signals.
So in some cars there Body control module. In that cases, if all main possibilities are checked ok, then inspect Body control module. The module has to be scanned by Scan tool. It’s called OBD scan tool. By this tool, it will show error codes, if there is problem with Brake components. If its showing no error codes and all other possibilities are checked ok, then its faulty Body control module. In short it’s called BCM.

So if you face brake lights problem, just check out this basic possibilities, this will help you to confirm the problem.
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