Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Car Seat Program?

Replacing car seats or installing car seats.Its a techs job.Get it done by proper technician.If the seat is not aligned correctly,then this can cause major damages,in case of accidents occurred.

The motor vehicle crashes is the number 1 killer of children. Recent studies indicate that in many cases injuries and deaths were a result of improper use of car seats, booster seats and seat belts. The Pinellas County Health Department has a Child Passenger Safety Program that is dedicated to providing technical guidance and education to residents and visitors of Pinellas County regarding the safest practice for transporting children in all types of motor vehicles.

This is a  2 hour training that details common misuse and proper installation and is conducted by a National Child Passenger Safety Technician certified by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. The training is offered throughout the county and is available to anyone seeking information on proper safety seat usage. Additionally, low-cost safety seats are available to those meeting financial guidelines.

Personal consultations are also offered to those unable to attend a training session but who would like to have their child safety seat installation checked.

Its always advisable to get proper details and know exact procedure before you install additional seat for your child or toddlers.
Proper knowledge is best step towards safety.Be safe.

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