Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Circuit breaker trips or fuse blows?

This problem is noticed when appliance voltage is not handled by the electric supply of the place.The voltage issues causes this types of problems and needs to be inspected.
Well if you have Blown a Fuse/Tripped Circuit Breaker, FIRST, TURN OFF THE MAIN POWER SWITCH. Now, If a Breaker, simply flip the lever, the "Other Way" or, press the button, on the Breaker Body to "Reset" it. If a Fuse, you will have to withdraw the Fuse(s) from the "Holder(s)" until you find the Blown one, look to see if the Fuse Wire is intact, or, not.. a Blown Fuse will have the wire broken/melted. You then, effect repair, by simply using a length of the correctly rated, Fuse Wire. (Replacement Fuse Wire will be of different thicknesses, for different Current Ratings, usually, 5 Amps, 10 Amps, 15 Amps, & 20 Amps). Simply wrap one end of the Fuse Wire, around the contact, at one end, or if screw connection, then under there, & wrap clockwise, then, .make it go through the little hole/slot in middle, and then, wrap it around the screw, or wrap around the other end contact Then replace Fuse, turn the Power back on. Always do all this with nothing plugged into the power socket too. Now if the Fuse.Breaker "Blows" or "Trips" again, with nothing connected, you have a Wiring fault. Also make sure the Unit that caused the problem in the first place is repaired, or it, simply do it all again.
Electricity problems must be inspected by proper repair techs.Basic inspection is definitely advisable, but major repairing must be inspected/checked by proper techs.

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