Saturday, November 5, 2011

How to clean blocked print head?

Mostly this problem is faced on Epson and Canon inkjet printers.
On HP printers its rare.HP Print cartridges comes with head in cartridge and Epson print cartridges comes without head and head is in the printer.

If you fault is according to user manual, a defective Print Head/Cartridge... The Print Head/Cartridge., maybe so clogged, and clogged up so deep that can not be cleaned in the normal way. Then you have to get the print head cleaned.There is auto cleaning on all printers.Which you can do by sending command to your printer via computer.But this auto cleaning is very nominal cleaning.It will not clean the hard clogged blockage.For that you will have to clean the print head manually.

The procedure is as follows :----
1. Remove all the Print Head(s)/Cartridge(s).
2. Take out the Print Head/Cartridge. by releasing the lock lever. Look in the "Easy Setup Instruction" Step to find the location. Obtain a manual. (You can download it from manufacturers web site)
3. Put the Print Head/Cartridge. in a plastic zip lock bag. (Test the bag is air tight.)
4. Soak the covered Print Head/Cartridge. in hot water (hottest setting of the tap) for 5 minutes. The high temperature will soften up the clogged ink.
5. Immediately install thePrint Head/Cartridge. (Must be be dry) in the printer, and install all the ink cartridges.
6. Turn on the printer. If this works, you should not have a working printer, Now then, Most Important. Start the cleaning process from the computer. Run the cleaning several times to deep clean it.

This details will help.

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