Saturday, November 5, 2011

How to connect Bluetooth keybaord on Android phone?

The procedure is as follows :---
Well you have a Phone, or a Tablet, and it's a touch screen, now touchscreens are all good, but sometimes one wants, needs? real keys, and a Bluetooth Keyboard should be the answer, but if like many of the people that try to connect a BT KB, to Android phones & tablets, well many, will not actually connect correctly and work. They say ....connected, or ....paired, but they actually aren't connected and one cannot type.. Well if this is your problem, then I may have found the answer, what you need to do is this go into the Settings and go to Wireless, and then Bluetooth, now activate the BTsearch for the, "Device" ie: Keyboard, and at this moment also activate the Bluetooth Keyboard itself's on/off switch, and then hold the pairing key until the LED goes blue and flashes, now, the phone will/should alert you to the fact that you have a "Pairing Request" In the Notification Bar, now, answer this request, quickly, open the Notification Bar, select, and then type in the "Pairing Key", usually Four Zeros 0000,now quickly, go to the keyboard itself, and type in Four Zeros 0000, followed quickly by the "Enter Key"... this is the trick, doing it "Blind" as it were, Now the Phone, Tablet should then indicate it has "Paired" and "Connected" and can be used Also you should see a symbol in the Notification Bar, and the BT Icon will also change to the "Connected" version. Now you will/should be able to use it, just like your touch keypad, in fact in some devices, you can use either at the same time.

This above mentioned details will help.

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