Saturday, November 5, 2011

How to fix wet electronic device?

Its not always good to through your wet remotes,players, pads,laptops,watches etc etc .
Right so your electronics got wet, now it won't work, do not despair, at least not yet. Here's a way of maybe getting it back. What you need to do is get as much H2O(water) out as possible, swinging the unit, around ones head, or in a circle, & using centrifugal force to try to get any moisture out, then bury the while thing under at least an inch of DRY RICE, leave for a day or so in a nice warm place, and this may just fix it. BTW, always remove the batteries immediately, if it ever gets wet, whatever it is, and shake it violently, to immediately, get as much liquid out as is possible. 
Another thing that also may work is Silica Gel, this is a commercial desiccant and pulls moisture out of things and absorbs it itself, it is extremely hygroscopic, meaning it attracts water. 
Also any of those product that say they remove dampness & mildew from cupboard & wardrobes etc, that too will work in a pinch.
Another good option is using hair dryer to dry the circuit board and electric contacts on the device/unit.Then once the unit is dried out completely, turn it on and see if its working or not.
Not in all cases, but in many cases this basic troubleshooting tips have helped.
You can too try this.
This should help.

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