Friday, November 18, 2011

How to replace Inside Rear View Mirror on Acura Integra?

The procedure is as follows :---

Inside Rear View Mirror


The rear view mirror is attached to a support which is bonded to the windshield glass. If the support becomes unattached, it must be aligned and rebonded before the mirror can be mounted.
  1. Mark the outside of the windshield glass using a wax pencil or crayon, then make a large diameter circle around the support location mark.
  2. Clean the inside glass surface within the large marked circle using a glass cleaning solution or polishing compound. Rub the area until it is completely clean and dry.
  3. Once dry, clean the area using an alcohol saturated paper towel to remove any traces of scouring powder or cleaning solution.
  4. If still attached, use a Torx® bit to separate the mirror from the support, then use a piece of fine grit sandpaper to rough the bonding surface of the mirror support. If the original support is being used, all traces of adhesive must be removed prior to installation.
  5. Wipe the sanded mirror support with a clean alcohol saturated paper towel, then allow to dry.
  6. Follow the directions on a manufacturer's kit (Loctite® Rearview Mirror adhesive or equivalent) and prepare the support for installation.
  7. When ready, position the support to the marked location, making sure the rounded end is pointed upward. Press the support to the glass for 30-60 seconds using steady pressure. After about 5 minutes, any excess adhesive may be removed with an alcohol moistened paper towel or glass cleaning solution.
  8. Allow additional time to cure, if necessary, per the adhesive manufacturer's instructions, then install the rear view mirror to the support.
See Figure 1
Click image to see an enlarged view
Fig. Fig. 1: Aligning the rear view mirror for installation


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