Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to reset?

Reset can be performed on many device and units.
Ok, many things will work again only after they are "Reset" now to reset your device, if it has a battery, it MUST be removed totally, if on Power, it must be removed, if on BOTH, both must be removed, wait 5 mins or so, then look around the edge back, side, of your unit for a small hole & or button, while the battery is out,power off, depress this button for say 10 seconds, then reattach battery and power up. The unit, with any luck, it should be working again. If it doesn't work first time, simply try again, BUT this time wait like 20 mins, before you try to press the "Reset" button. Hopefully NOW you will be all good. If not then you have some "Other" sort of problem and that needs more inspection.

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