Saturday, November 5, 2011

How to View MJPEG IP Webcam?

You can even view the MJPEG IP Webcam without using browser.
There is a procedure,follow it to view MJPEG IP Webcam.
You have got yourself an IP Web cam.Maybe a Foscam, or a Tenvis, or whatever, now most, if not allm only allow one to see the images via a browser.. IE, Chrome, Firefox, now that's all good, but wouldn't it be nice if you could have the image in a single resizable window? Well now you can... a remarkable piece of software called PotPlayer, is a terrific piece of software for ALL your video and imaging needs, not only does it work on every other receiving format, it does Analog, DVB-T & DVB-S, as well as DVD too, not only all of that, but it will do the IP Webcams as well. You will need to obtain the direct show filter though, called IPCameraDS.exe, download and install this, and then using PotPlayer, simply set it all up, filling in the fields required, for your webcam, you can use either "Raw" mode.. or a "Template" mode.. setup is easy and pretty self explanatory, either way, soon you will have a window with the Webcam's images in you cannot actually control Pan & Tilt etc, however you can see the image well enough, if you need to alter anything, then obviously one must then use the browser..But for just viewing the images, PotPlayer will do a great job, also you can use all the "other' features of PotPlayer too.
This above mentioned procedure will help you.

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