Saturday, November 5, 2011

Keypad not working on Matrix Audio D4t Delta 4 Zone Amplifier Am/fm Tuner?

First check if the keypad is dead or some buttons are working.Is there any kind of light coming on keypad panel.Is the key pad seems to be stuck up down some where.
When this occurs it is usually a fault on the I squared bus? and is also usually associated with a microprocessor problem too. it is NOT DIYable. Accordingly it needs to be repaired, this should only be done by a professional. To this end what you should do to get the best possible results, is to contact the manufacturers local or head office, and ask them for a referral to an authorised service center, then take the unit there and when in face to face contact simply ONLY ask for a "Quote" as to prospective costings, and go from there, this way you can at least make up your mind as to repair or replace.
If the unit is very old or repair cost is quoted high, then go for new unit.

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