Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oil pressure warning light on Dash?

On some car model,the dash indicator shows " oil" or on some car it shows  oil "icon" on dash.In both cases,this is warning.This warning indicates you to check your car oil level and oil components,like oil pressure switch,oil sensor,oil pump,oil reservoir and condition of oil.Some times oil gets dirty and contaminated with metallic or dust particles and cannot pass through filter and this cause OIL warning light to come on dash.
Don't ignore this indicator warning.
It means your engine is not getting normal oil pressure.Other causes of an low oil pressure warning light include a worn oil pump or a defective oil pressure sending unit.
The underlying cause of a low oil pressure warning light is usually a low oil level in the engine's crankcase.If low, add oil to bring the level up to the FULL mark on the dipstick.The bearings will run dry, overheat & seize, causing extreme engine destroy (spun bearings, damaged crankshaft journals, broken connecting rods, etc.Cease driving immediately, turn the engine off & check the engine's oil level.
This details will help you.

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