Sunday, November 6, 2011

TV repairing?

Repairing tv needs various components and diagrams.
Ok so you want to service your own TV, well i will briefly describe what you may need. First and foremost you need a Service Manual, why you may say? well if not for the troubleshooting algorithms, and component placement. The MOST IMPORTANT thing is that these manuals give us the PART NUMBER that identifies EVERY component and part in the TV. Without this number you simply cannot order parts, as there is no way to describe what you need, without it. 
You need a Good Multi Meter. 
You need an Isolating transformer if you do not want to kill yourself. 
You may like to make a pair of switchable out, 100 Watt light bulbs wired in series in the mains circuit, to "Buffer" the Voltage and so you can work on hic-upping switchmode power supplies. 
Ideally an Oscilloscope. at least 100MHz. Dual Input. & 1:1 & 1:10 Probes; 
Tools, include, Torx drivers, Philips screwdriver, Slot, Small Side Cutters. Long nose Pliers, Tweezers, Soldering Iron, 40 Watt fine Conical Tip. Solder, De-soldering Pump.. Various "Solder Picks". Small Dentists Mirror and Magnifying glass. 
Also a Dual Output Power Supply, proves invaluable. 
With the help of the above mentioned tool and service manual, you can repair your tv.
But basically you need to have voltage testing and soldering iron using knowledge.With you this knowledge it will be difficult for you to start troubleshooting.

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