Saturday, November 5, 2011

When to replace refrigerator door seal?

Before replacing door seal, you have to inspect the door seal.Refrigerator door seal lasts very long, they hardly gets completely worn out.
But if the small area of seal is also over stretched or worn out, then you will notice low or no cooling problem.The seal should be tight intact, then only you will get exact cooling.

To inspect whether you need new refrigerator door seal or not, follow this simple procedure.
Well one simple, and foolproof method, is to use a large Torch, turn the Torch on, and place in middle shelf, of the fridge, facing OUT, now, Close the Door, (It may be best to do this at night actually), Now, have a look for any light escaping, around the door, anywhere you see the light, is an area where the cold, gets out. Sometimes you can see if manipulating the Fridge Door Seal & Magnet, at those Areas, and sometimes you can get small areas to close up, but if you have any big areas, or many, many, small areas, then it is time to Replace that Door seal For sure. There should actually be NO Light at all. The door seal should seal 100%, if not, then as related, the Door Seal, must/should be replaced.

This procedure will help you to confirm if the problem is with seal or any other part.

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