Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wiring Phono Jacks/Plugs and Power Supplies?

Basically MONO Jack/Plug it is always wired the same. There are only 2 wires, one + Plus, Positive. and one, - Negative, ETH, GND. The Minus, GND, ETH, - Negative, always, logically, goes to the or Negative or "Case" ETH, Gnd, those terms all mean the same. Now the + Positive is always Plus,. If the connection is for a Coaxial Cable then, the inner core is Plus +, and the Shield is always - Negative, Gnd, Earth. All Jacks and Plugs wire the same. With a Phono MONO Phono Jack, the "Bulb End" is always Positive, the Case or Outer is - Negative. NOW, IF the Jack/Plug is a STEREO one, then with that type of Plug/Jack there is simply, Two + Plus Wires, and, Two, - Negative, Eth, Wires, these Two, Negatives, Earths all Contact together, and go to the Negative or Outer Connection. The Two + Plus Wires, go, One to each of the tip connection, of the Two Positive Connections, that go to the end, Bulb Tip A & Tip B, of the Stereo Jack./Plug. 
For Power Connections the same is generally true, the Centre Conductor is usually Positive, while the other one is - Negative, case, earth ground.
This details will give you basic details of wiring jack/plugs.


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