Friday, February 10, 2012

Fisher price aquarium bouncer asks for more water?

Many other fisher price aquarium bouncer users have noticed this same problem.

In this case,try this procedure:----

We refilled the tank ourselves with the following equipment:
phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, heat gun, glue gun (or epoxy), big sterile syringe, sterile water
1. remove toy bar so it’s no longer getting power
2. unscrew screws in the white part of the toy bar and open it up. Note the positions of the kick toys and buttons, which will probably fall out while you’re trying to refill the tank.
3. on the upper part of the tank, search for the plug for the hole for filling the tank. It’s sealed on with something like epoxy or hot glue
4. CAREFULLY blast the plug with heat gun until the sealant is soft enough that the plug can be pried off with flathead screwdriver
5. use the big syringe to top off the tank with more water.
We noticed that the old liquid in there made swirling patterns where it met the new water; we reckon that the old liquid might contain something like glycerin to make it more viscous, or preservatives to keep it from getting yucky
6. reseal the plug onto the tank with hot glue or epoxy… actually we lost the plug so we filled a small plastic button with hot glue and stuck that on… time will tell whether it does a good job sealing the water in
7. try out the toy bar in the seat and rejoice if it works!
8. take it out again and replace the buttons and kick toys (orange fish goes on the right hand side, from infant’s point of view. The fish face in, towards each other.) Close up the toy bar. 


What you need: Phillips screwdriver, big syringe, water, hot glue gun
1. remove toy bar from seat so there's no power
2. remove screws from the white part of the toy bar and open it up. Watch out for some loose parts as they will fall off when you take the toy apart.
3. There's a few small, clear hoses that provide air to make the bubbles. I took my syringe and injected water into the small air hose in the TOP RIGHT-HAND corner of the toy. I was careful to make a very small hole with the syringe needle and ONLY one hole!
4. While injecting water, tip the toy to the left so the water runs down the tube and into the water tank.
5. After I had finished injecting the water, I sealed the hole with hot glue.
6. Re-assemble the toy bar and let baby enjoy!

I did this 3 days ago and the water level has not gone down any .

This will help you.


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