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Ford Taurus 2005 Steering Knuckle Removal?

The Steering Knuckle Replacing procedure for Ford Taurus is as follows :---

Steering Knuckle
REMOVAL & INSTALLATION Details are as follows :----

Be sure new wheel hub retainer nuts, tie rod end castellated nuts, hub-to-knuckle retaining bolts, knuckle-to-strut pinch bolt/nut and inboard halfshaft circlips are available. These parts lose their torque holding/retention capabilities during removal and must not be reused.

  1. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position. Place the steering column in the UNLOCKED position.
  2. Remove the wheel hub retainer nut before raising the vehicle off the ground. Discard the wheel hub retainer nut.
  3. Raise and safely support the vehicle. Remove the wheel and tire assembly.
    When raising the vehicle, do not lift by using the lower control arms.
  4. Remove the wheel and tire assembly.
  5. Remove the cotter pin and the castellated nut from the tie rod end. Discard the cotter pin and nut.
  6. Separate the tie rod end from the steering knuckle using Remover tool 3290-D and adapter T81P-3504-W, or equivalents.
  7. On SHO vehicles, remove the vinyl cover from the upper link stud.
  8. Remove the stabilizer link from the strut. Remove the disc brake caliper and hang it aside.
  9. Remove the disc brake rotor.
  10. Remove the anti-lock sensor and move it aside.
  11. Remove and discard the lower ball joint retaining nut. Using Ball Joint Remover T96P-3010-A or equivalent, separate the ball joint from the lower control arm.
  12. Using Rotunda Spring Compressor 164-R-3571 or equivalent, compress the coil spring until the ball joint clears the lower control arm.
  13. Remove and discard the steering knuckle-to-strut pinch bolt and nut.
  14. Separate the halfshaft from the wheel hub using Front Hub Remover/Replacer T81P-1104-C or equivalent and adapters.
  15. Support the halfshaft with wire in a level position to prevent it from hanging by the inner CV-joint.
    Do not let the halfshaft hang by the inner CV-joint or move too far outward. The internal parts of the tripod CV-joint could be pulled apart.
  16. Separate the steering knuckle from the strut assembly and remove it from the vehicle. 

    Fig. Front steering knuckle assembly and related components
To install:
  1. Install the disc brake rotor shield using new rivets, if removed.
  2. Position the steering knuckle assembly to the vehicle.
  3. Place the halfshaft into the hub assembly.
  4. Install the steering knuckle to the strut and loosely install a new pinch bolt.
  5. Install the steering knuckle and hub assembly onto the halfshaft. Be sure the splines are properly aligned.
  6. Slowly release Rotunda Spring Compressor 164-R-3571 or equivalent, while guiding the lower ball joint into the lower control arm.
  7. Remove the spring compressor.
  8. Install a new nut on the lower ball joint stud and tighten to 50-67 ft. lbs. (68-92 Nm).
  9. Install a new nut on the steering knuckle-to-strut pinch bolt. Tighten the pinch bolt nut to 72-97 ft. lbs. (98-132 Nm)
  10. Position the tie rod end to the steering knuckle. Install a new castellated nut and tighten to 35-46 ft. lbs. (47-63 Nm). Install a new cotter pin.
  11. Install the sway bar link and tighten the nut to 57-75 ft. lbs. (77-103 Nm).
  12. On SHO vehicles, install the vinyl cover to the upper link stud.
    Use care not to damage the sway bar link boot seals. Do not use power tools to tighten the nuts or seal damage will result.
  13. Install the disc brake rotor and disc brake caliper. Tighten the caliper anchor bracket bolts to 65-87 ft. lbs. (88-118 Nm).
  14. Install the wheel and tire assembly.
  15. Lower the vehicle.
  16. Install a new wheel hub retainer nut. Tighten the nut to 170-202 ft. lbs. (230-275 Nm).
  17. Pump the brake pedal several times prior to moving the vehicle, to position the brake pads.
  18. Road test the vehicle and check for proper operation.

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