Monday, March 5, 2012

How to replace Oxygen Sensor on Acura?

Oxygen Sensor

To Remove:

Allow the exhaust system to cool before beginning the work; the pipe and sensor skin temperature may exceed 300 degrees when the engine has been operating.
Disconnect the wiring connector for the sensor(s). Free the wire from any retaining clips.
Using an oxygen sensor socket, unscrew the sensor. This tool prevents damage to the sensor or wiring harness.
If the sensor is to be reused, protect the tip from exposure to chemicals, oil, gasoline, etc.

To install:
Coat the threads of the sensor with an anti-seize compound. Take great care not to get any compound or other petroleum product on the tip of the sensor. Install the sensor to the manifold or exhaust pipe.
Tighten the sensor to 33 ft. lbs. (45 Nm).
Install the wiring into the clips and connect the wiring connector.

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