Friday, March 9, 2012

How To replace Rear Drive Axle Halfshafts?

The details are for Ford Taurus 2008 and 2009 Car model.

instructions are as follows :----

With the vehicle in NEUTRAL, position it on a hoist.
Remove the tire and wheel.
Remove the rear wheel hub nut. Do not discard at this time.
Remove the bolt from the trailing arm to the knuckle.
Remove the bolt from the toe link arm to the knuckle.
Remove the bolt from the lower arm to the knuckle.
Using the Front Hub Remover, separate the halfshaft from the rear axle hub assembly. 
Support the knuckle arm with a suitable jack.

Rotate the knuckle upward and remove the outboard CV joint from the knuckle. 
Do not damage the oil seal when removing the axle halfshaft from the differential.

Using a suitable pry bar, remove the halfshaft from the differential.
Remove and discard the circlip from the stub shaft.

To install:

The circlips are unique in size and shape for each shaft. Make sure to use the specified circlip for the application or vehicle damage may occur.

Install a new circlip on the stub shaft.
Using the Axle Seal Protector, install the stub shaft in the rear drive unit.
Make sure the circlip locks in the side gear.
Position the halfshaft outer CV joint through the hub bearing.
Install the lower arm-to-knuckle bolt. Tighten to 118 ft. lbs. (160 Nm).
Install the trailing arm-to-knuckle bolt. Tighten to 77 ft. lbs. (105 Nm).
Install the toe link-to-knuckle bolt. Tighten to 74 ft. lbs. (100 Nm). 
Do not tighten the front wheel hub nut with the vehicle on the ground. The nut must be tightened to specification before the vehicle is lowered onto the wheels. Wheel bearing damage will occur if the wheel bearing is loaded with the weight of the vehicle applied.

Apply the brake to keep the halfshaft from rotating.

Use the previously removed hub nut to seat the halfshaft. Tighten to 258 ft. lbs. (350 Nm).
Remove and discard the hub nut. 
The wheel hub nut contains a one-time locking chemical that is activated by the heat created when it is tightened. Install and tighten the new wheel hub nut to specification within 5 minutes of starting it on the threads. Always install a new wheel hub nut after loosening or when not tightened within the specified time or damage to the components can occur.

Apply the brake to keep the halfshaft from rotating.

Install a new hub nut. Tighten to 258 ft. lbs. (350 Nm).
Install the tire and wheel.

This will help.

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