Monday, March 12, 2012

How to Test Idle Air Control Valve On Ford?

Idle Air Control Valve
 Details are as follows :-----


The IAC valve adjusts the engine idle speed. The valve is located on the side of the throttle body. The valve is controlled by a duty cycle signal from the PCM and allows air to bypass the throttle plate in order to maintain the proper idle speed.
The IAC is located at the top of the upper intake manifold adjacent to the throttle body.

Do not attempt to clean the IAC valve. Carburetor tune-up cleaners or any type of solvent cleaners will damage the internal components of the valve.


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Fig. Idle air control solenoid schematic-3.0L engine

Fig. Idle air control solenoid schematic-3.8L engine
  1. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position.
  2. Disconnect the wiring harness from the IAC valve .
  3. Measure the resistance between the terminals of the valve.
  4. Due to the diode in the solenoid, place the ohmmeter positive lead on the VPWR terminal and the negative lead on the ISC terminal.
  5. Resistance should be 6-13 ohms.
  6. If resistance is not within specification, the valve may be faulty.

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