Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1992 Chrysler Jeep Cherokee: A/C System Pressure is Same on Both High and Low?

In this condition the A.C cooling problem will be noticed.

The 1992 year Chrysler Jeep came with R12 from the factory.if Your jeep is using R134A, then it was converted.

It wasnt until late 1994-early 1995 that R134a became available.

the system calls for 38 ounces, but with R134A conversion, less is installed due to molecule differences in the refrigerant. The industry rule of thumb is 80% of called for. So for yours that will be 30ounces.

Ok, pressure should be 28-35psi on low side and 175-220psi on high side. If it were a restriction in the expansion valve, pressure would be high on the low side, but near normal on the high side.

Yours is neither sucking on the low side, nor pumping on the high side, hence the high low side pressure, and low high side pressure.

If you are positive of the system being at the correct level and compressor engaging, then only one thing causes this - weak compressor. It needs to be replaced.

So the compressor needs to be inspected and tested before getting replaced.

As per description it says compressor is faulty.

This will help.

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