Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1993 Pontiac Firebird V8: Very slow to Accelerate?

Common complain on these engine models.

Its a old model car.

There are few tests and inspection necessary to confirm the fault causing the problem.

On 1993 Firebird formula didnt have alot of get up and go to begin with. Although the 6sp manual transmission version did have a top speed of around 150mph, the 1/4 mile time is only 14.9 seconds, which is not very fast. It only has 275hp and 325ft lbs of torque.

So if you are referring to take off times and fast acceleration, it really wasnt there to begin with.

If you just mean that it barely accelerates and seems to be bogging down on acceleration or hesitation,then parts needs to be checked out.

Check and confirm this information:---------

Is the check engine light on?

How does the engine run at idle - smooth, misfiring?

Any exhaust smoke while idling or accelerating from a stop? If so, what color and does it smell like fuel, coolant, or oil?

The first 2 steps at this point are to first pull the plugs and inspect them for being not just worn, but for signs of running rich(black and sooty) or too lean(whitish) and go from there in of course replacing the plugs, but then testing for vacuum leaks, check fuel pressure regulator vacuum line for fuel in it(replace regulator if found), and if ok, check O2 sensor for being black from soot and replace if needed,

2nd step would be to test engine compression. A worn out engine with low compression will be slow and loss of power on acceleration. if compression on any cylinders are under 100psi, or more than 10% difference between lowest and highest number, then unfortunately a rebuild is in order.

Start by troubleshooting this possibilities.This will help to confirm the issue.


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