Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1997 Buick Lesabre: A/C stopped Blowing cold?

On Buick Lesabre 1997 Year model Vehicle it has Automatic Temperature  controls with separate Controls for driver's and passenger side temperature adjustment.

In this case first the A/C stopped blowing cold at passenger side and then stopped blowing at driver side.

Ok, the automatic climate control does not have vacuum controls. The blend doors are electronically controlled by the climate control unit and actuators at the blend doors.

Hence one side stopped working and then the other, this majorly indicates that the climate control module failing rather than both the driver and passenger side blend door.

If the shop doing the work does not have a scan tool that can test the climate control unit and the temperature blend door actuators, you will need to have another shop test it or have a dealer test the system.

This needs to be done before spending money on replacing the doors when it is unlikely that both have failed at once.

This details will help.

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