Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1998 Mercury Mystique: Engine cooling fan not Running?

After driving for few minutes the engine overheats and fan should come ON.But out of two fans only one comes up and other engine cooling fan not coming up and also A/C is not working.

It can be Faulty cooling fan or its the issue with Engine cooling fan Relay.

But before replacing the relay, unplug the wiring harness connector to the engine fan and do 2 things.

First, run jumper wires from the battery to the cooling fan to make sure that the fan runs and hasnt failed due to a short in the harness.

Next, you need to carefully check the harness connector where you thought you saw scorching and see if any of the wires are melted or if connector is melted, allowing the wires to touch and short out and if found, repair the wires.

If all is ok and fan runs, then in the fuse/relay box in the engine compartment, swap out the cooling fan relay(highlighted in yellow) with another relay to see if the fan comes on:

The Relay diagram is shown below:----
Engine cooling fan relay

To jump the wire from battery to fan motor.

You will need a couple of long wires that both ends are stripped to expose the wires. Connect one to the positive end on the battery and one to the negative. Then touch the other ends to the 2 terminals on the fan motor connection terminals on the fan itself(where harness connector plugs into).

You do have to use caution to prevent from shocking yourself by touching the ends of the wires. If not comfortable doing this, then you want a friend with mechanical experience to do this or have a mechanic do this.

This details will help.

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