Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2000 Chevy Corvette: Vehicle runs hot when A/C is ON?

Engine gets overheated hot in traffic when A/c is turned on.

But in Normal open road it works fine.

In this types of cases the thermostat and cooling fan needs to be monitored.

There are two engine cooling fans on Chevy corvette 2000 year model vehicle.

So first you do need to verify that both fans are properly  working. For that you may need to use a flashlight to see it spinning. If it isnt, then the basics of checking for power to the motor, and if no power, then checking the cooling fan relays and fuse(both labeled) in the engine compartment fuse box.

If no power at the fuses, then engine coolant temperature sensor and ac pressure switches will need to be tested and finally, if needed, the pcm tested.

If the fan is working, then first check for any missing, cracked or broken fan shroud that is allowing for inefficient fan cooling.

If ok, then both ect sensor and ac pressure switch and pcm will need to be monitored with a scan tool to see if the fans are coming on at proper temperature and ac pressure and then fan monitored to see that it is spinning at proper speeds.

I know that sounds like a lot, but with symptoms described, this is in the fan operation in some capacity and will require going thru the above steps to find the underlying cause and then repair.

This details will help.

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