Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2000 Dodge Intrepid: Only heat no cold?

Only heat works no cold air.Temperature control not making any change.

On this model it has Manual temp control buttons.

It can be issue with control module itself.But there other possibilities too.Before changing any other thing it advisable to check other possibilities too.
Go through further troubleshooting mentioned below:-------

Most of the time it is due to a faulty temperature blend door actuator, but may be the blend door itself. Access the actuator and disconnect the harness connector to it. Use jumper wires from 12v source or battery to apply voltage to the #1 terminal and a ground wire to the #2 terminal. then apply power to the #5 terminal while #2 terminal is grounded. If the actuator doesnt work, then replace actuator(directions to access and replace are below). If it does work, then the blend door is bad and this unfotunately means the whole dash has to come out to replace it
The help procedure is mentioned below:----

blend door actuator


The blend-air (temperature) door actuator is an electric motor which mechanically positions the temperature door. A feedback strip in the actuator allows the computer control to know the exact position of the temperature door at all times. The blend-air door actuator is not serviceable and must be replaced if found to be defective.

The temperature door actuator is located at the bottom of the heater housing at the center tunnel


  1. Open hood and disconnect the negative battery cable remote terminal from the remote battery post
    Remove left and right underpanel silencer/ducts.
    Remove two screws from actuator which are accessible from the right side of center stack.
    Remove one screw from actuator on left side.
    Pull actuator straight down from shaft and disconnect electrical connection. Upon removal, note the shaft position of the actuator, because the shaft on this motor is keyed. When installing new actuator, its shaft must be positioned in the same location.temperature door actuator


For installation, reverse the above procedures.

This will help.

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