Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2002 Dodge Grand Caravan: OBD Error codes P1684 and P0303?

This are Obd error codes which gets stored in cars computer also called as ECM.

This error codes which came up means as follows:-----

P1684 is for battery disconnected in the last 50 ignition cycles. If the battery was disconnected for any reason within last 50 times the engine has been started, we can ignore this code. If it hasnt, then a possible loose connection at the battery or low voltage/weak battery condition exists.

P0303 is the cause of the shuddering. This is an engine misfire in cylinder #3. This could be from a bad or broken spark plug, faulty or loose plug wire at the plug or coilpack, fault coilpack, burnt/dropped valve, faulty fuel injector.

Get the Compression test done for cylinder number 3 and other cylinder.If the compression is low on cylinder number 3,then it has to be replaced.

This will help.

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