Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2005 Volvo S80: Necessary to Replace Receiver/Drier For A/c?

When the Vehicle A/C system is disassembled or open or taken Apart.
Its mostly necessary to replace the Receiver/ Drier part.

Yes, the receiver/drier contains what is called a deccisant bag, which is designed to absorb moisture in the system. When you open up the system to replace any parts, the deccisant bag fills with moisture from the atmosphere and its effectiveness is greatly reduced.

You can decline to have it replaced, but if you do so then  there will be no warranty on the job of getting the proper cooling from A/C system, as you have declined required work. The system likely will not get as cold either since the receiver drier can no longer pull the moisture out of the system.

So getting this component replaced.If the A/C Repair center is recommending it.

This details will help.

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