Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2006 Volvo S40: A/C Runs Intermittently?

Air conditioner is running sometimes for a while then just stops.
In this cases you will notice that A/c stops working but fan just keeps on running.

In this types of problem there is no one single possibility.There are multiple possibilities that can cause this problem.

First thing you have to inspect is compressor.Is the compressor engaging or not engaging when A/c stops running.

there are many possible causes:

-low refrigerant
-faulty compressor
-faulty compressor clutch coil
-faulty pressure switch
-short/open in wiring harness
-internal fault in climate control panel
-fault in ecm
-restriction in the condensor
-restriction in the expansion valve

Unfortunately, as you can see, there is no one single cause. The first step is to read the high and low pressure readings with an ac manifold gage on a test drive to see what the readings are when it quit blowing cold air.

This will let you know or confirm if there is any restriction in either the condensor or expansion valve, if refrigerant is low, or if the compressor disengages.

If compressor disengages, then electrical testing has to be performed to see why and where the signal is lost.

I really wish I could tell you that it is one single thing and you just need to replace "X part", but that is not the case as professional testing is really required for this in order to find the underlying cause out of the several possible causes.

This detail will help.

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