Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2007 Dodge 3500 4x4: ABS and Parking Brake Warning light on Dash?

While driving ABS and Park brake warning light comes up on dashboard panel.

This indicates error code stored in ABS module and ECM.
The Error codes needs to be scanned by scan tool.

In most cases this problem is related to faulty Speed Sensor.

Or wiring pigtail to the speed sensor connector is loose or broken.
First inspect this .

Many a times you replace the faulty part but still the Warning lights again come up on dash.

In that case try the reset procedure for cars Engine control system.

For that,disconnect both battery cables from the battery and tape the battery cables ends together for 10 minutes(this discharges the capacitors in the module to erase the fault codes). After 10 minutes untape and reconnect the cables to the battery.

IF the warning lights come back on, then either one of two things - there is a short in the harness between the sensor connector and the abs control module or there is a broken tooth on the tone ring the rear sensor reads. Check wiring harness from end of sensor connector back to the abs control module for breaks/cuts/chafing and repair as needed. If ok, then the rear differential cover has to come off to inspect the tone ring for broken teeth or cracks in it and replaced.

Getting this possibilities checked will help.

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