Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2011 Volkswagen Jetta: Loud Screeching Noise from Wheels?

Yes common issues on Cars/Trucks.

The Squealing or Screeching noise coming up while driving at slow speeds but this noises gets low or disappears while driving at highway speeds.

Try this,pull the wheel and pull the caliper to check for small rocks between the caliper and rotor.

Also, with the wheel off, spin the rotor and look behind it to see if the dustshield got bent and is hitting the rotor.

And check for rocks between the dustshield and rotor.

I have seen too many bent dustshields to count as well as found rocks between rotor and caliper and rotor and dustshield many times. Although not a danger and will not cause an accident or loss of brakes, if left too long(300-500 miles) unattended, it can cause scoring of the brake rotor and require its replacement.

Getting this possibilities checked will help.


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