Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dodge RAM Cab: Brake pedal loose after replacing Brake Calipers?

Tried Bleeding brakes but brake pedal gets loose or gets stuck up.All started after replacing Brake caliper.

Yes this is common.

Its not problem with brake bleeding procedure.

But the problem mostly lies in brake caliper.

The first thing is to check the placement of the caliper bleeder screws on the front calipers. They are supposed to be at the top of the caliper, above the brake hose to caliper connection:

See the help Diagram shown below:----
caliper image

If they are towards the bottom or facing the bottom, then the calipers are on the wrong sides. When bleeder is at the bottom, there is an air pocket at top of caliper that will never bleed out. Swap sides with calipers and rebleed and you are good to go.

This details will help.

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