Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ford F150: Front Wheel Bent?

The Front wheel is bent .It seems like wheel is sitting at an angle when looking at it head on.

Ok, that means that the camber is out of specs. - this can be from a rusted out shock tower, broken shock, upper or lower control arms or control arm bushings worn, bent spindle/hub or even worn out upper balljoint.

If the shop you took it too doesnt specialize in front end work, I would suggest finding a good front end shop in your area to do a proper shakedown and inspection to see which of the above is responsible, but it will be one of those.

Costs can range from $90 for a broken shock up to about $400 parts and labor for a bent spindle. Control arms or bushings will run around $200-250 parts and labor. Balljoint a little less.

As long as you know which part to replace, yes. I would have a front end shop at least do the diagnosis for you so that you know what to replace. A proper shakedown does take experience to know what part is causing the problem. The only exception to a repair at home would be a rusted out shock tower- this require a torch and welder to repair

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