Thursday, October 25, 2012

4WD light flashing and 4WD will engage after few minutes

4 Wheel Drive will not engage properly,it will engage after few miles.


  • 4 WD will engage after driving 2 miles or so it makes a bang type noise and tries to engage into 4wd on it's own.
  • 4WD light flashing.


As per our garage repair experience we have seen man vehicles with such problems.

The most common problem is with your free wheel clutch system, specifically either a faulty solenoid pack or damaged hoses going to it, etc.

When the free wheel clutch solenoid pack goes bad or hoses to it are damaged, it will allow the front axle clutch to slide in small increments.

Once it moves a few millimeters, the detection switch will show it out of position in comparison to the shifter range and the light will come on/flash.

If the clutch actuator is allowed to go too far (especially noticeable on deceleration, but can be random) the front axle will fully engage.

So to repair these issue,few possible parts needs to be inspected ..........

  • Inspect the freewheel clutch solenoid hoses for any damage then test the solenoid itself. 
For your information the freewheel clutch solenoid is located on the right hand frame rail beneath the air filter.
With the help of volt meter you should have about 43 ohms across either coil, and you should be able to allow/disallow air from passing through each as voltage is applied/removed to each coil. If any of those tests fail, the solenoid pack needs replacement.

With our garage repair experience its issue with free wheel clutch solenoids, at our garage  we change these free wheel clutch solenoid packs out on a weekly basis. Even having been redesigned a dozen times over the past 20 years, they still all fail eventually and have the same symptoms you describe.
Verify your hoses first for damage, then test the solenoid pack.
If hoses looks worn out,then dont hesitate to replace the hoses too.

These details will help.

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