Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nissan Truck Error codes

Nissan Old model 1986 D21 Error codes

The error codes help to confirm the fault in particular section.

The self-diagnostic system identifies malfunctions of signal systems such as sensors, actuators and wire harnesses based on the input signals received by the ECCS control unit.

Types of malfunctions are coded and displayed on the control unit by a series of blinking red and green lights. Results of the self-diagnosis are retained in the control unit's memory and are displayed when the mode selector, located on the rear of the control unit.

When displaying malfunction codes, the code number can be determined by counting the number of light pulses. The red light represents the first digit of the code, while the green light represents the second digit of the code. For example, a Code 21, would be displayed as two flashes of the red light, followed by one flash of the green light. So first digit is 2 and second digit is 1,that is 21.

Malfunction codes can be translated as follows:
These are just few of them,there are many other codes too:-----------

Code 11 -- Crank angle sensor circuit malfunction.
Code 12 -- Air flow meter malfunction.
Code 13 -- Water temperature sensor circuit malfunction.
Code 21 -- Ignition signal malfunction.
Code 23 -- Idle switch circuit malfunction.
Code 24 -- Transmission switch and clutch switch circuit malfunction.
Code 32 -- Starter signal malfunction.
Code 42 -- Throttle sensor circuit malfunction.
Code 43 -- Injector circuit malfunction.
Code 44 -- All monitored systems satisfactory.

Once you retrieve the code,it will tell you which section or which part to look for and as per that you can do further troubleshooting.

These details will help.

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