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OBD codes P2106, P1295, P161B

Received OBD codes on Kia Sedona 2007 LX model.

As per the error codes mentioned

P2106 and P1295 these both error codes indicate issue with Throttle body assembly. Engine throttle control assembly problem (ETC)

And regarding P161B error code,to solve these error code there is a software upgrade available from Kia to resolve the P161B. This needs to be done at a dealership as it requires the factory scan tool and software database.No local car repair Auto scan tool will be able to repair P161B error code issue.

For  P2106 and P1295 error code issue the ETC is part of the system that can trip these codes, it is only one part of the system. It also incorporates the pedal position sensors, wiring, PCM and so forth.

The P1295 is mostlt the communication issue between the PCM and the ETC. The siganal from throttle control is not getting to the Power tyrain control module so error code P1295 comes up.
So to confirm these issue, unplug the ETC and the PCM and do resistance tests across all 8 wires:There are in-total 8 wires coming from ETC to PCM.

See the help chart shown below.These shows which wire from ECT gets connected to PCM.

ETC 1 to PCM 13
ETC 2 to PCM 2
ETC 3 to PCM 1
ETC 4 to PCM 16
ETC 5 to PCM 58
ETC 6 to PCM 57
ETC 7 to PCM 48
ETC 8 to PCM 14

If there is anything less than full continuity (0.000) on any wire, you will want to investigate for pinching or breaking if open (0L),that is line open.

Also check the Volt IN source voltage on pins 1 and 4 of the ETC; if you do not, double check your relays.If the relays are blown,then replace the relay.

If the wiring is intact, then throttle control assembly needs tyo be replaced.But if after replacing the throttle control assembly,the problem is same then , consider a APP (pedal sensor) for replacement in the event the P2106 is occurring first and tripping the P1295 and not the reverse. The only place to go after that is the PCM itself.

Its a costly part to get replaced.

So first try troubleshooting these issues yourself.If you get cen-percent confirmation of some part mentioned above are confirm faulty,then carry on.But if you have any doubt,then getting help from local professional auto repair technicians is advisable because the parts the error codes are indicating to be faulty are costly.So unnecessarily investing in non-faulty parts will make these repair more costly.

Hope all goes well.These details will help.

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