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Unlimited Free Solutions For Car Seat Belt Related Problems


The back seat belts will not suck back in the just stay out,you can it lost its elasticity to get it?

The retracting mechanisms may be bad. Reach Down under the seat front and back a feel for bolts.Tighten the bolts if its got loose.Or if remove the bolt and get into the seat belt assembly,some mechanism is got worn out or out of alignment and needs to be re-aligned.
Its a simple repair,just loosening the bolt will take time,if you dont have required socket wrench to remove the bolts.



Seat Belt Locked?

Sometimes you notice that seat belt will not get pulled more then few inches and also not get inside.That means that seat belt is locked.One of Visiting customer to my Auto garage,noticed these same problem,the Middle seat belt on his Saturn Vue car got locked.
On such cases ,if you car too face same problem,then try moving the seat up/down as well as forward backward and see the seat belt gets released.But if that is not helping then,take the housing cover off the seat belt, Now you can see the inside assembly,from there you should be able to access the tension switch on the seat belt. It sounds like it may be set too high.
Set the switch bit low and see,the seat belt will get released and start working properly.



The seatbelt wont release out to its full length.

These problem was faced on GMC Yukon.The car was new,on his car the passenger side seat belt was not getting pulled to its full length.But other rear and driver side seat belt was getting properly pulled to its most.
But if a thin man is sitting on passenger seat then,that belt was pulling up to the thin persons limit.Suppose if a fat man sits on passenger seat then it will not get pulled to its required length?
The customer was confused,why these was happening?

There are few possibilities that can cause these problem,of seat belt not getting pulled to its full length.

  • On some car models,the latest ones,that have one safety feature.On that cars the seat belts have a safety mode for holding baby seats.The bay seats needs more security and more firm grip.On that case the seat belt dont need to be extended/pulled completely.
But these safety option will not get activated automatically.To activate these safety feature ,  the seat belt has to be pulled out once  to its full maximum  length. Once these is done the seat belt gets into safety mode and starts getting pulled as per baby seat length.
But as per my Auto garage repair experience,these belts are normally on the, rear seats, but might be installed on the passenger seat of a pickup.In these particular case.

Now the case is how to,then use these particular seat belt for adult also.So in that case,there is a reverse option.You will have to unhook the seat belt as if you were leaving the vehicle.Because once the belt goes all the way in, it releases.
But these same mode gets activated again,if any fat man sits on the seat and try to connect the safety belt.
So to get rid of these problem,.there are extenders available.Its called seat belt extender.
Later on when contacted to GM about these issue.It got cleared,that there are many other users too facing the same problem.GM also distributed the Seat belt extenders free on some vehicle models,on which these problem was very much noticed.

There was also a discussion thread released online on these same problem,to gain / access more knowledge on these particular issue,please check out the link below:----

In these link,there are good facts provided about seat belt extenders.That will give you more idea,about what other have noticed and how to deal with such problem.

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