Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Will not Shift to reverse or park

2006 Nissan Altima will not shift from Neutral mode.
And also steering feels locked sometimes,not always.

These is common issue of shift button getting jammed,.These problem is noticed by others too.
But first see,if there is brake light coming up,when brake pedal is pressed.If no,then faulty brake light switch,if yes,then move to next step.

Try wiggling steering wheel,many a times these helps.

It is possible that these issues of steering getting locked,keys not coming out and vehicle will not shift.These issues are connected since the steering wheel interlock system, shifter lock, ignition lock and brake light switch are all working together.

Now try these,help yourself  try to turn the steering wheel back and forth while pressing on the brake pedal, see if the shifter goes into park then.
If yes,then steering system needs to be inspected.

But if that is not helping then,lift the little park override cover and press the button to get it into park, then see if it comes out of park normally after you start the car.

See the image shown below,for button location on your vehicle:----

use a small screw driver to pop the cover off, then put the screw driver in the hole and push down while moving the shifter .Its circled with red to easily identify.

park mode button

Now after pressing these button the vehicle should get out of neutral mode and get in to park as well as reverse mode.

If its shifting properly.
Then turn off your vehicle and see if the Nissan is shifting properly after that.

If all works well,then  it could be an intermittent failure at this point since it's working fine which indicates that it can be a mechanical jamming or something to that nature.

But is safe issue occurs again n again and vehicle will not shift right then,more troubleshooting is required.
To do so you will need some mechanical and electrical skills and a multimeter to diagnose the problem, If you don't have this then I would suggest you take the vehicle to a Nissan dealership because there are allot of components that would cause a condition like this one and we have to test every one of them.

Getting the in doubt components checked by professional will be much helpful to confirm the fault.

These details will help.

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