Monday, January 21, 2013

1994 Chrysler Caravan: Transmission will not go in gear and goes in Limp Mode

Transmission goes in Limp Mode,sometimes goes in reverse but not always

On these VAN transmission flush and service is done by local transmission repair shop:
Is it faulty TCM or Range Sensor causing the problem.


On such cases for temporary solution try removing the trans relay out then then try shifting and see.

The relay is located under-hood in the fuse box.

See if Van moves forward or reverse with Trans relay out.

Also check the transmission fluid level.

First these basics are to be checked. If all these checked ok,then moving towards most possible causes of these kind of problem.

As per my Auto garage repair experience it sounds like problem is with the low/reverse clutch in some way, which is the holding clutch used for 1st  and reverse gears.

You had asked about the TCM or range sensor, neither of which will cause this problem. There is no range sensor on your VAN model.Your van predates the use of range sensors by a few years, and the TCM is an electrical component. 
Why i disagree with Electrical failure because ,In the event of an electrical failure the trans will still have first gear and reverse, filling off the manual valve in the valve body. An electrical problem can't prevent the trans from engaging.And in your case the problem is reverse.

I suggest you to get inspected the Low/reverse clutch. The low/reverse clutch is located in the back of the case and is the holding clutch used in first and reverse gears. The issue can be the piston seals are damaged and leaking, the piston retainer or it's gasket are damaged, or an issue with the valve body or transmission case causing a leak in the low/reverse apply circuit. Most likely what has happened is the retainer gasket or piston seals were damaged when the trans was assembled by the shop which you previously got your transmission repaired & serviced.

Since the trans was just overhauled and this is an internal problem your best bet will be to return to the shop that did the work because it should be covered under warranty.Ask them to get the trans assembly reinspected.

To inspect the Valve body the transmission assembly has to be come out.Unless the problem is in the valve body (cracked or warped causing a leak in this circuit) then the trans would have to come out and be disassembled. 
If everything else looked ok then its no need to completely overhaul the transmission again unless you chose to, replacing the failed components hopefully is all that would need to be done. On the other hand if the Previous transmission repair shop did damage something when assembling it then they could have caused some other issues too.

But if the repair cost is going too high then i suggest you a bit  cheaper option  to install a used trans, you can often pick them up for $400 for a decent unit. If you can't find a used one in your area is an online used part locator service and you should be able to find something there.

These details will help.

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