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2004 Chrysler touring van: Liftgate Automatically Comes Down

Lift Gate Raises Up but with Automatically come down

Liftgate operates with both interior lift switch or with Keyfob button , it will automatically go up when commanded but without giving close command it automatically comes down.
Also when manually lifiting the gate up and releasing the hand the gate slowly comes down.

Its not a issue with liftgate switch or keyfob switch or the issue of Liftgate sensor.
Because if these are the causes then lift gate will not get operated when commanded to go up,so the problem is related to liftgate strut.They are not able to hold the pressure of gate.

It sounds like your problem is simply weak liftgate struts.

  • The liftgate struts are the units on each side of the liftgate that look like shocks. 
  • They contain high pressure inside and are what helps the opening of the liftgate and then holds it up when it's open.
  • Its a common problem noticed on many truck/ van when there is facility of Liftgate system.

Normally at our auto repair garage when a vehicle comes with such lift gate closing issues.We try these test.We manually operate the liftgate by opening the gate , and if the gate comes down slowly,we confirm that issue is liftgate strut.But these test is already been tried by you.And the result is same the lift gate comes down as soon as you release your hand.
Now since the liftgate comes down as soon as you let it go when opening it by hand you know without a doubt that the struts are bad. The struts are no longer able to support the weight of the liftgate and will need to be replaced. Once you get the gate opened about halfway the struts should take over and finish opening it if you let go.

When you operate the lift gate by keyfob fob lift gate switch button the gate is lifted by power motor to start the lift then once the lift gate reaches particular height then further function is done by lift gate strut.
So when you automatically operate the liftgate the gate goes up and these clarifies that Liftgate power motor is working fine,but struts are not operating fine.

The Working of Basic Power Liftgate motor is as follows:------

  • The power liftgate motor is designed to start opening of the gate but it's not designed to or capable of taking the whole weight of the heavy liftgate. 
  • The power system is just designed to unlatch the liftgate, start the opening process and then once it gets about half way the struts need to support the weight. 
  • The motor is still engaged until the liftgate gets to the top but doesn't do anything once the struts take over, and once the liftgate it gets to the full open position the clutch disengages and decouples the motor from the linkage.

Many car owners ask about Liftgate sensors causing the problem.But on such cases its impossible that sensor causing these problems.
There are pinch sensors for obstacle detection when you're closing the gate, but there aren't any sensors for opening. When you're opening it the liftgate module is watching the current used by the motor. If it sees motor current go high then it knows the gate has hit an obstacle, and it will then reverse and close.

In  your case the vehicles  liftgate struts aren't able to support the weight this puts an extra strain on the motor. So the current draw for the motor increases to the point that the module thinks the liftgate has hit something, when in reality it's opening hard because the liftgate struts aren't there to take the weight. This is why with weak struts it will reverse and close again once it gets part way up.

You'll need to replace the struts and that should take care of all of your problems. They are easy to replace and should be in stock at any parts store and most dealers.

If you feel difficult to replace the struts manually then getting it replaced from local car garage is advisable and its not at all a costly replacement.

These details will help.

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