Monday, January 21, 2013

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Stalls And Cuts Out While Driving

Jeep Starts Runs then Stalls and Cuts Out 

The Vehicle starts and runs fine but immediately stalls and cuts out, these continues.

If i turn off the vehicle ans  start again then it starts fine but same problem continues .....................

A very common issue is causing these problem.

Your vehicle needs proper servicing, and without forget get your fuel system parts inspected and replace the weak parts.

If the fuel filter is not replaced from long time then without fail replace it.
On many of such same cases i have seen faulty fuel filter causing it.

Replacing the fuel filter is very much advisable if you don't know how long that one has been in, generally fuel filter should be replaced roughly every other oil change. 

If you see check engine light coming up on dash then without fail get your vehicle scanned to retrieve the error codes stored in engine computer module.Then will help for further diagnosis.

If there are no fault codes let's start with replacing fuel filter and see how it does.
Why i suggest replacing fuel filter is because , if the filter is plugging then it can drop fuel pressure enough to lose power or kill the engine. And these is what you are noticing on your vehicle.

These details will help.

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