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Getting Extended Warranty For the Vehicle

Vehicle Extended Warranty Suggestion

Many car buyers ask these question , Should i also buy Extended warranty for the new vehicle or not?

First what is Extended warranty?

When you buy a New vehicle, the owner of the vehicle receives a warranty for that vehicle.
It depends on brand and model of vehicle.
It on particular vehicles manufacturer about what warranty and additional services it provides.

On most of vehicles its approx 36K miles to 50K miles.Or 3 to 5 years.Which ever comes first.All depends upon car to car.

Now i will move towards answer for your query.
As per our Auto garage repair experience and dealing with Asian and foreign vehicle repairs for more then 20 years.I will say someone who works in a dealer and sees the steadily increasing prices of repairs and the high complexity of modern vehicles I would highly recommend considering an extended warranty. 

Now why i suggest you to go with extended warranty has a reason.
The maker of the product knows the actual working life of his product.
So the manufacturer always provides the warranty for the period the vehicle will hardly give or cause a problem with normal driving conditions.
The actual problem starts mostly after the warranty is over.

Yes i agree that you have to pay handsome amount for the extended warranty,but its worth getting it,instead of driving in a risk of if any major part failure occurs.

Something as simple as a modern radio can approach $2,000 in some cases. Most of the expensive electrical, suspension, steering and interior parts of the vehicle are warrantied for 3 years and 36,000 miles from the factory. So extended warranty will give you driving peace even after the normal warranty period is over.

Extended warranty comes in packages.Its like how much you pay and that particular package ou receive.If you are a safe and slow driver,you can go for low cost packages.If you are a rough driver or you deal with long drives for weeks or month then you have to go for bit costly package,which suits your driving habits.

There are many options available with the dealer for you to purchase. Some of the cheaper ones will cover just powertrain components, more expensive warranties will cover more and more systems and electrical components. I exactly dont know whats you actual plan about your new vehicle.But suppose if you're going to keep the vehicle for 200,000 or more miles it's likely that the extended warranty would save you money in repairs over that period. Now just consider for example if the transmission or engine were to fail after you are out of your factory warranty period those are each thousands of dollar repairs which would cost more than what the extended warranty cost. So in that cases you will save on expenses.

In simple and short way, i will mention that extended warranty is a insurance for your vehicle after the factory warranty is over.So these makes your driving safe when it comes to spend for major engine failures and transmission issues.

These details will help.

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