Sunday, January 20, 2013

Instrument Cluster Gauges Dead NO POWER

1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee United States Version :


No movement at all.

When starting the vehicle only ABS light comes on dash board for few seconds and goes OFF.

As per the problem mentioned i suggest you get the voltages checked for the instrument cluster wires.

To do that you will have to remove the instrument cluster and test it's powers, grounds an bus voltages. 

I will mention the list of wiring's to be checked with voltmeter.

The white wire in pin 3 should have battery voltage.
The black wire in pin 5 should have voltage with the key on.
The black and black/orange wires in pins 1 and 2 should have ground.

If these are ok then turn the key on and check the voltage on the white/black and violet/brown wires. These should each be close to 2.5v and fluctuating a bit.

Battery voltage should be Approx to 12volts. If no 12 volts are received then power is not reaching to the wires and that's the issue.

If battery voltage is received then other possibility for the problem is no ground voltages or loose ground wires.

On most of such cases at out auto repair garage the issue was related to ground wires.

Both of these ground wires originate at ground 304.And that is located  under the carpet to the left rear of the driver's seat. You have a couple choices at this point.

Pull the seat up and check the ground. If it's ok then you'd need to work your way from there to the cluster and determine where the wires are broken and then repair them. Since both wires have lost ground either they are both broken or the issue will be the ground location itself.

You can run new ground wires to both of these circuits. You can splice wires to each of these two and take them to a good grounded metal part under the dash.

And these will solve the problem.

These details will help.

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