Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1995 Jeep Cherokee: Goes In Limp Mode

Gear Shift Issue On Jeep Cherokee

When put in Drive mode it goes to 4th gear.
Also 1st gear is there but will miss second and goes to third gear.
Also no reverse light is there


Vehicle goes in limp mode has many reasons.The TCM is a possibility and so is TCM wiring harness, but the most common cause would be one of the solenoids on the valve body.

The first step in diagnosing the problem is reading the fault codes from the TCM with a capable scan tool or code reader. Retrieve the codes are setting in the TCM?

Its suggested to get TCM scanned.Because regular OBD code reader will sometimes not show any problem. OBDI refers to on board diagnostics used by the powertrain control module, it's only used for engine functions. The codes will need to be read from the TCM using a capable scan tool or code reader at a shop or possibly a parts store.
Most larger parts stores will read fault codes for free but many of them only have equipment for 1996 and later.

If you have an AAMCO trans shop they will also normally read fault codes for free and will have the equipment for sure. Pre-1995 fault code can only be read on OBD1 scan tool.

If you also see no reverse lights coming ON.
Then unplug the TCM harness and see if light comes up.
If reverse light comes up with transmission TCM harness unplugged then The TCM, wiring, and range sensor could all cause reverse light issues.

This will help.


1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee: How to Replace Automatic Transmission?


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