Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2007 PT Cruiser: Transmission will Not Shift?

Tranny will not shift.Gear Shifting Issues,Cruiser Transmission problem.

Car is bought second hand.Car had previously met an front end accident,which is already replaced by its owner.

Solenoid is replaced.

error codes retrived were as follows :---

P 1684 Battery was stoed disconnected

P07555 shift solenid's soted B'

P0750 shift solenid's soted A'

But Solenoid is already replaced.


Both of these codes are indicating issue with faulty shift  solenoids in the solenoid pack mounted to the front of the trans, which I see that you have already replaced.

Since the solenoid pack has been replaced and still if you are getting I same OBD error codes as before, then you almost surely have a wiring issue. It could be a trans controller issue, but since it was in an accident right before this started it's very likely the wires were damaged during the accident.Yes this happens.

To confirm the problem, i suggest you to check continuity of these two solenoid driver wires from the PCM down to the solenoid pack, and then check for a short to power or ground if necessary. You're going to find that either these wires have been pinched and are shorted or they were hit and are now broken.
Inspect very carefully.

If the solenoid looks covered up with moisture or wiring's look wet then apply hair dryer to dry the liquid and see if that helps.

This will help.


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