Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2010 PT Cruiser:All indicator warning light goes ON and OFF?

Dashboard Lights and Gauges Go erratic 

The problem noticed while driving-air preasure light on,all indicator lights go on, gauges jump up and down,and loss of power.
But once the car Turn off for few min ok gets to normal.
Again after few miles of driving same cycle repeats.


Its not a common fault and there are many minor possibilities,which can cause such problem to arise  This could be quite a few things and to know exactly what's going on it would take some electrical diagnostics at the time it's acting up. If the problem is intermittent that can be very tough to do.

But there are two possibilities,any of the one is causing this.
The problem is either internal in the instrument cluster or your CAN B communication bus is going down.

What is CAN B Communication Bus?
The CAN B bus is a two wire electrical network that all the modules on the inside of the car communicate with each other on. To take down the bus both wires would have to short to power or ground.

If the only thing that acts up during these times is the instrument cluster then it's likely to be the cluster itself. If the bus was going down you would also see the wipers and lights come on by themselves, the horn wouldn't work, and the dealer should have seen all CAN B modules would have communication fault codes set in them.

This Details Will Help.

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