Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Car Engine Problem: Struggling engine

Engine Struggle to start and run

The most common Engine problems noticed are:

1) Heavy Vibration in engine, struggling rpms when accelerate.

2) Engine takes time to get started.Its struggling hard while laboring.

3) Struggling engine performance.

4) Struggling engine after water crossing.

5) Engine struggling to pick up speed.

6) Idling problem with struggling engine.

7) Engine struggles to keep running on high gears.

8) Gear Shift problem with struggling Engine.

9) Engine Struggling on Cold Start.

10) Engine struggles to run once get warm.

11) Squealing/struggling engine noise?

12) Vehicle Stalls with Struggling Engine.

This are few engine struggling issues noticed by others too,there are many more such issues,not mentioned here.

But when you notice such problem,the very first thing you need to see is "Check Engine Light".
 Do you see check engine light on dash or not.Is it steady ON.Then get the vehicle computer module scanned,there is some error code stored in your cars computers module.Once the code is retrieved,it will help you to diagnose the problem further.

But if there is no check engine light and no error code retrieved,then start troubleshooting with basics.

How well your vehicle is maintained and serviced.

Are you getting your vehicle serviced on time.

What type of engine oil are you using.It should be of correct required quality,as per vehicles owner manual.

Also make sure you use proper gas and required fluids for your vehicle.

Get the fuel system and sensors cleaned and see if that helps.

If all checked ok and still engine struggling,then engine itself needs deep inspection.
Either engine servicing will help,but if not then engine needs to be rebuild or may be replaced.But that is a costly repair.


If there is vibration with engine difficult to take ON, then check to see if one of  the motor mounts are bad.

Get the Valve lash checked.When's the last time you adjusted the valve lash? Mostly it has to be done every 75k to 80k miles.If valve lash is out of line,it can cause engine vibration issue.Which further turns to major engine failures.

Other thing to check is condition of clutch.If it feels worn out.Then get it replaced.Do you notice any kind of clutch slippage?

Get the condition of spark plugs checked.This ignition related component can also cause such issues.

Loss of vacuum is other possibility.In case of power loss engine isn't pulling enough vacuum  Get a vacuum gauge on it, sounds like a Valvetrain issue.

A faulty worn out Intake manifold gaskets.A dirty injector ports.Over pressure in fuel rails.Low fuel pressure.Faulty worn out fuel pump.

Also if your notice revs problem, like if it keeps revving high then low then high then low. Then you have air leak issue.You have a large air leak into the intake tract.

Also dirty worn out throttle body can cause this.

After driving through dirty water,the water and dirt get entered to the exhaust and get collected there.On such cases,try revving engine high and see if all dirt and water gets cleared,but if not then get the exhaust inspected.
Also this cause issues with sensors getting short or dirty.Oxygen sensor,crank sensor, can sensor,IAC valve,MAF sensor MAP sensor etc,

Get this possibilities inspected.

Don't Avoid engine struggling issue and drive your car.This problem can get converted to major engine failure issue.

Because if it's struggling/laboring then you will notice problems like engine misfire,this will cause wasting fuel and wetting the plugs. Also at the lower revs you might notice drop in oil pressure.


Feels like backfire from engine when decelerating?

Engine Cooling Fan not Working


"Radiator fan"  "Engine Fan"  "COOLING FAN WILL NOT TURN OFF"

Engine stalls, car stalls while starting, vehicle stalls while starting, Engine stalls and dies, Car stalls and stops,

Cruise Control stops working, Excessive cranks to start the engine and RPM goes max 2500


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