Thursday, February 14, 2013

Free CD Code For Renault Megane

Radio code for Renault Megane

If you lost your cars radio code then getting it from your car dealer is absolutely free.
But the car dealer charge you for this.

This is not right.As per rule you should get the code free of charge.

But still if there is no possibility,you have to pay for the code.

In real there is a software.Which is available with dealer.
He just have to insert the 14 digit radio serial number and the code is on the screen in seconds.
He gets the code for free,but you are charged.

But still before going to dealer, i suggest you to first ask your car dealer about what he is charging.If he is just taking 1 or 2 dollars then you can get the code from him.
Otherwise there are few other online sites which provides Renault radio code.

Some give it for free and some charge you for the code.

Compare the charges of paid sites with Renault dealer and see who is best and you can go with it.

First is this site.
It will not charge you any thing.But its a forum site,you have to provide your radio serial number and other required details.Radio code will be with you in few hours or may be in a day opr two.
Any way its free,so worth to try:


This is another site to get Renault radio code,but its a paid site,but still you can atleast take a look:


Now once you receive the code,the procedure to enter the code is as follows:----

  • After you Switch Radio On - Display Shows  " CODE ".
  • Once this comes up you have to Press " ¬ " On The Stalk Control To Enter " 0000 ".
  • After that slowly Rotate " Thumbwheel " For Correct Digit.The code which you got as per that.
  • Once to set correct digit Press " ¬ " On The Stalk Control To Enter that digit.
  • Do same for other 3 digits one by one.
  • Now once the correct code number is shown on display panel.
  • You will have to Press And Hold " ¬ " Until A Beep Is Heard .
  • You code is inserted and radio will get unlocked and work as before.

Hope this helps you.


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