Sunday, March 10, 2013

ford expedition goes forward in reverse neutral and park

2000 Ford Expedition that has the reverse lamps on, whenever you turn the car on, even though it's not in Reverse. It doesn't matter which gear the car is in (Park, Reverse, Neutral), the reverse lamps are on.

The problem could be a short to power in the reverse light wiring or a bad trans range sensor.

Try this unplug the trans range sensor on the trans were the shifter linkage goes to and see if the lights go out if they do you need a trans range sensor.

2000 ford expedition that won,t go in reverse

Just incase you didnt check this,look under the dash at the bottom of the steering column,there is a bracket that bolts on with 2 torque bolts at ( t-25 or t-30) the shift cable connects to that bracket and when it loosens up it wont go into park or if loose enough it may not shift to reverse either.An easy way to tell if its loose is if the shift lever feels loose or real easy to move.Also at the transmission where the shift cable connects there is a plastic holder with groves on it for adjustment,dont try adjusting it but inspect it if its loose or broken,if you try adjusting it then its tough to get it back where it needs to be for all the gears to work with the shift indicator tab,about it not starting,that may have to do with the safety neutral switch on the transmission,but double check the linkage to make sure its really tight before worrying about that switch.

2 torque bolts at (t-25 or t-30) .

Please note on the top of the column there is a notch that goes into a slot right before the two (2) torque bolts...this gear is what prevents the car from going into the parking and prevents the key from being removed at the ignition. The shift lever moves freely...but does not move the cable and gears at the transmission.

This should help.

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